It’s spring time which means it’s time to get the lawn equipment out and get back to work.  This past weekend I began the process of cleaning up the damage that winter did to my yard and I was reminded of a post from last year about this same time and thought I would share it again.  Many of you might be in the same process I am in and I thought you might enjoy thinking about this as you work in you yards. Enjoy!

As I was pruning back several trees I have ignored for the past few months I couldn’t help but be reminded of Jesus’ words to the disciples in John 15:1-2 explaining their relationship with Himself and The Father. Now I was pruning my trees because they were overgrown, consuming too much space, and were no longer aesthetically pleasing. But why does God prune? Doesn’t he want us to grow? Is some growth bad? I decided to study pruning a little and get a better understanding of the illustration Jesus used. I found an article that gives several reason why pruning is necessary. As you read some of these points below, substitute yourself in any place that refers to the plant. See if you can’t get a better picture as to why God prunes us. Is there some overgrowth that needs The Gardner’s attention?
Why Do We Prune?
  • Improve the plants over all health- Frequently removing older stems encourages a plant to put energy into new growth, thus keeping the plant young.
  • Control or direct new growth- Each cut will stop the plants growth in one direction and redirect it in another, guiding the shape and size of the plant.
  • Prevent the spread of disease- Removing dead or damaged branches will decrease the chance of disease entering through dead wood and spreading throughout the plant.
  • Increase the number and quality of fruit, flowers and foliage- Pruning at the right time and in the right places can increase the number of shoots produced by the plant thus increasing yield.
  • Improve air circulation and allow light to reach inner and lower leaves- It is important to thin dense growth periodically to improve overall shape and health.
  • Create more space for planting- Removing lower limbs can allow more space for planting underneath.

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