If you have more than one child, I have a question for you. Are you as amazed as I am at how different each of your children are? It’s incredible how God can take the same mixture of me and Megan and continue to create little, unique people. With our older kids, we have one extreme extrovert that loves to entertain and one introvert that loves to tackle challenges. One gets distracted easily and the other likes to argue (or negotiate) every point of life. The girls talk at warp speed from the moment they wake up, but our son would stay quiet all day long if given permission. As we marvel at their uniqueness, we also crave any help we can get at leading them well.

We know there will be times when we parent Davis, Reide and Landry in the same way. But we also realize that they are different people. Their unique personalities will give them different motivations and temptations in life. It’s in these times that we will parent them very differently from each other. So to help our kids discover the uniqueness of their own personalities, we read the book, The Treasure Tree, by John Trent and Gary Smalley. And they loved it!

This children’s book introduces the concept of personality differences through the story of four best friends on an exciting journey together. The friends are Lance (a lion), Giggles (an otter), Honey (a Golden Retriever) and Chewy (a beaver). While on this journey, their different personalities are revealed and they are able to find the treasure tree together.

My kids loved talking about which character they resembled most. And the short quiz in the back of the book helped them identify their personality even more. Knowing their personalities has helped them understand and appreciate each other a little more (on most days!). But it’s also been a great reminder of how God has designed each of them.

The Treasure Tree has been a great addition to our toolbox. We hope it is for you too!

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