It’s an honor to serve churches with their events. Here are examples of topics I have taught on in the past.

Stamping Character
Our children’s character is up for grabs. If we do not intentionally shape their character, the world has no shortage of voices and influences that will gladly do it for us. But how do you do it? Together, Ben and his wife, Megan, walk parents through God’s parenting story to discover His plan for developing Christ-like character.

Intimacy In Marriage
Men and women often have different definitions of intimacy. And with so many views on intimacy, it’s no wonder that married couple often struggle developing true intimacy in their marriage. In this, Ben covers 3 critical keys to developing intimacy as well as how to apply them to some of the most difficult areas of a marriage relationship.

Our Family Fights
Is your family fighting each other…or fighting together? In this series, Ben walks parents through The Armor of God and helps identify God’s plan for preparing to fight spiritual battles together rather than fighting each other.

Leading In The Midst of Evil
Parents are challenged with leading their families through significantly less than perfect circumstances today. It’s often easy to fall into the trap of simply reacting to each problem as it surfaces…but is there a better way? Ben will help parents examine God’s plan for being proactive and redeeming the difficult days we lead our family through.

Grief: God’s plan for healing
Every loss is accompanied by grief. No matter how big or small the sense of loss is, grief is the inevitable next step. Though no one wants to experience this profoundly difficult journey, you don’t have to fear it. Ben and his wife, Megan, share their own journey of grief from the loss of their son and how God met them in the middle of their pain. Through God’s great mercy, their marriage was strengthened and their purpose was renewed. In this series, they share what to look for in grief, how to relate to others while grieving, how to reconnect with God and handle doubts.